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October 23, 2019 Ceiling Fan

Energy Star Hugger Ceiling Fans

You save the environment and some money by installing a hugger ceiling fans Energy Star. It is used in rooms with low ceilings, usually those 8 feet and under, hugger ceiling fans attributed directly to the ceiling at the base of fan without the aid of a rod. According to Energy Star, and based on the guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency, qualified ceiling fans equipped with lights offer about $ 165 in energy savings in general and still 50 percent more efficient than standard products.

Contemporary hugger ceiling fans

Contemporary hugger ceiling fans

The Modern Fan Company offers multiple hugger ceiling fans Energy Star, including Altus, Aurora, Ball, and Cirrus and models Velo hugger. Each design, with the exception of Aurora offers the option of an additional light kit.. The fans provide a variety of control options fit well as anywhere from three to four different speeds and a remote control.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Energy Star Hugger Ceiling Fans

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Minka-Aire has a set of Energy Star ceiling fans inside. It consists of three blades, the design of 44-inch and 52-inch Concept II features a variety of finishes including white, and oil rubbed bronze blades taupe and brushed or polished nickel silver blades. Equipped with five-blade style options for the fan table 42 inches and 52 inches include antique brass.

Hugger Ceiling Fans for the Living Room

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Hugger ceiling fans for the living room do not like air conditioning, do not cool the air, but gives a cooling effect by pushing air downward. This creates a gentle breeze evaporation of water from the skin and can provide effective cooling of 6 or 7 degrees. You can save on your electric bill by turning the fan off when you’re not in the room because there is no benefit if you are not there.

During the winter heating season, the ceiling fan also plays a role in maintaining a uniform temperature throughout your living room. By reversing the direction of rotation of the cooling air is drawn from the floor and warm air pushed down to replace them. This means that cold air pushed toward the ceiling while warm air to make the floor level comfortable. When used in this way the fan should run a slower pace to avoid creating drafts.

Hugger ceiling fans for the living room can also cooperate with air conditioning as it is mounted on the wall or in a window. Operating the fan pushing air down from the ceiling not only provide cooling effect of evaporation of moisture but the spread of cold air from the air conditioner more evenly in the room. There is one situation where the fan operation is the opposite of what has been described and this happens when the room has a ceiling is very high as two stories high or where the fan is located at the top of the stairs. With a lot of distance from the fan to the floor of the evaporation, effect is nil. In this case, you will want to push the warm air down during the heating season and pull the air conditioning in warm weather.

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What are the size hugger ceiling fans for the living room? There are no hard and fast rules for selecting the fan size for your living room. A rough suggestion would be 50-56 inch fan for a typical master bedroom or the living room where a larger room would need 60 inches or more. Small room, for example, a bathroom, an office, or a child may only need 42-48 inch fan.

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