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November 19, 2019 Racks Design Ideas

Folding Luggage Rack for Your Car

Folding luggage rack – When we think of a trip by car and met the need to take all “necessary” and we have the difficulty of the space so that it can carry all, it is when we have to consider the possibility of a roof rack for transporting box on the car roof all those things that do not fit inside the car, but that certainly should travel with us. The rack boxes, also called bunkers, are a solution for carrying luggage in a safe and comfortable way. When we think of buying one of these systems, we find countless offers on the market, different brands and capacities, finishes and colors. But a key factor is often the height at which the car is left with the box office. This not only during travel is something important to keep in mind as we can find bridges, overpasses with trees or limitation of gauge, and parking spaces. Both our own and the public parking or hotels that we go and where surely will park on our trip.

Folding luggage rack wood

Folding luggage rack wood

For the height factor that determines our way for some sites, we must consider not only the vehicle height and the hood to choose from, but also the extra centimeters that will give us the rack bar, on which must be placed Chest as those centimeters can also make a difference. Clearly we should have checked when leaving home to put on the car hood, which is the height that we have left in the car, to take into account during our trip. If during our trip we found a limitation of the gauge does not allow us to move the car by the extra height of the box, we have little choice, but to find an alternative route.

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Chest folding luggage rack allows you folding the chest so that it is practically flush with the roof rails of the car, allowing thus recover almost the original height of the car, so getting into those places the height achieved with the hood, we not allow it. The folding luggage rack is very simple, because it has a crank, which is very easily attached and rotate the hood is folded in a very simple way and can move the car in this way, and you do not need to be dismantled thus allowing any other time (out of the garage, for example) refolding the chest to be reloaded with the things we want to carry or fold to be saved in the return trip. Its material is a metal frame coated completely waterproof synthetic material for those rainy days and for any type of time that we can find us on the road.

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