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How to Build Coat Rack Tree

Coat rack tree – A tree coat hanger or foot is a great way to store coats and jackets at an entrance or near a door during cold or rainy months. Unlike a wall hanger, coat tree can be anywhere in the room without support without damaging the walls. Building a DIY coat rack tree requires little broth wood and some tools, and can be made to any size. Cut the wooden 2 by 4 inches to the desired height of the layer of the tree, using a measuring tape and saw. Apply wood glue on one side of 4 inches on each table. Grasp the sides of the glued together with each other. Wipe off any excess glue with a rag. Let the planks sit undisturbed until the glue is dry – about 24 hours. This will be the message to the rack. Remove any visible glue dry with a razor. It softens the wood with a block plane, moving in the direction of the grain on the sides of the post where the glued seam is visible.

Rustic coat rack tree

Rustic coat rack tree

Cut a 24-inch piece of two by four of the tree base coat. Cut two more pieces of two by four, each 10 inches long. Insert a bit half-inch drill press or hand drill. Drill holes 1 1/2 inches deep with the hole in the side of 2 inches of wood in the contact points. Drill these holes at one end of each piece 10 inches and 2 inches on both sides in the center of the piece 24 inches. Saw the dowels 6 1/2 inch 3-inch lengths. Apply wood glue to the studs. Insert the plugs into the holes to secure the pieces 10 inches to 24 inches in beam “X”. Screw two wood screws 5 inches through the bottom of the base, a screw into each of two position four. Cut four 5/4-by-6-inch pieces of wood in 6-by-10-inch triangles.

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These will be the legs to add support and secure the entrance to the base. Install a triangle on either side outside of the post. Apply wood glue to the edges of the triangle. Place the 6 inches side against the base of the triangle and the 10-inch side against the post. Drill a screw 3 inches by 5/4 inch side of the triangle and in the post. Drive another screw through the triangle and the base. Place the coat hooks on the top of the post with wood screws. Sand and stain the coat rack tree finish. If the message seems too big, substitute a different size or timber rip-cut wood to any size. A rip goes with the grain or down the length of the plate. This technique can be used to create a position for thin coat tree.

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