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October 21, 2019 Curtain Ideas

Knowing Velvet Curtains Types

Velvet curtains – Crushed velvet is easy, but not see-through, which makes it suitable for loose, hanging curtain blowing in the wind. It shimmers and rails, and has a textured, wrinkled effect. Crushed velvet comes in many colors, patterns and styles. It is easy to maintain and clean crushed velvet, as most varieties machine washed. Crushed velvet can be purchased for as little as $ 6 per yard at fabric stores.

Best Velvet Curtains

Best Velvet Curtains

Stretch Velvet curtains. Stretch velvet is heavy, so curtain made of it to hang elegantly in more formal settings. Stretch plush and velvet is extremely soft, because of the high fiber count is used to produce it. Some varieties of stretch velvet are machine washable, but others should be cleaned. Average rates begin about $ 7 per yard and can go as high as $ 20 per yard or more, depending on the materials used to make it.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Knowing Velvet Curtains Types

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Upholstery Velvet curtains. Upholstery velvet is very heavy and robust, without much cause at all. It is primarily used as a permanent window treatment tripod, usually matching upholstery in a fancy, formal setting. Upholstery velvet is cleaned only, and professionally designed and installed for maximum effect. This type of velvet spending an average of $ 10 per yard, and can cost a lot more depending on the color scheme, pattern and design.

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