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June 2, 2020 Mirror Decor Ideas

Mirror Medicine Cabinet Design

Mirror medicine cabinet is a standard fixture in homes and older apartment and although they are wonderfully functional, is not always the height of style. Create a custom decorated with their favorite thing kit and connect it to the mirror surface. Guests will be impressed with your personal style. Decorate your reflected Cabinet, Wash and dry the mirror and closet. Using a glass cleaner and lint – free cloth, wipe the mirror surface and the edges of your kit to ensure good adhesion of hot glue. Dry with a towel or allow to air dry for a few minutes.

Mirror medicine cabinet, Pick up your articles on the subject. For example, for a modern bathroom colorful you may want to buy some flat glass disks from your local hobby shop colors to create a mosaic look around the mirror. Be sure to buy a lot of selected items to complete the project. Heat the hot glue.

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Place items around the mirror surface. If the cabinet is off the wall you can have the design before gluing, but in most cases you stick your material while the cabinet is on the wall. Take an article such as a glass disk, and apply a small dot of hot glue to the back. Continue placing items around the edge of the mirror medicine cabinet until the mirror is fully framed with decorative item. Take your new topic in the bath with curtains and color-coordinated clothing, if desired.

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