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June 24, 2020 Design

Modern House Architecture

Modern house architecture – It is easy to confuse the concepts of modern architecture and contemporary architecture, because these two words mean the same in common use. Modern architecture, however, concerns a design inspired by the historic modernist artistic movement, so most examples of modern home plans are at least fifty years old. The modernist movement represents a rebellion against the tradition of classical architecture. As the movement lasted for almost sixty years, it covers various architectural styles, including art, crafts, farms and Art Deco. This movement also produces giants in the ranks of architecture.

Apartment Modern House Architecture

Apartment Modern House Architecture

The key elements that distinguish modern house architecture are the open space, which is largely contributed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright thinks that a separate space tends to hinder the flow of life. The modern home plan is therefore characterized by an open plan that combines space for entertainment, relaxation and dining. This state of the art house plan features large glass windows and outdoor terraces to improve the living space and the outdoor environment. Another key element of the modernist style is pure geometric lines and lack of decoration, not columns and arches that symbolize classic stylistic features. Modernization also accepts technologically advanced materials such as steel, glass and concrete, rather than traditional stone, wood and plaster.

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Although the concept of open space in modern house architecture has a visual appeal, perhaps Wright did not think about the problem of maintaining a clean space for a moment. With an open floor, it is not possible to push the chaos into the corner and close the door. Of course, in the plans of a modern luxury castle you can see dirty dishes from the living room, so there is no place to hide to have the kitchen always clean. Moreover, although the focus of modern architecture on the use of new technologies and materials is nowadays quite interesting, now metal and glass crates look cold and sterile not to say they show dust. While modern architecture respects the idea of ​​a freely developing space, its wild devotion to pure function tends to ignore human needs. Open home space can interfere with the need for people’s privacy. Even some people really want to live without sentimental objects.

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