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Patio Screen Plan Ideas

If you have a covered patio, you can turn it into patio screen porch within a day. The process is quite simple and basic, but they require knowledge of how to use some power tools. With a little help from friends, you can be entertained on your new screen porch at night and do not have to worry about mosquitoes and flies on the other side of the screen. Measure the outside edge of the covered patio. Get the measurement between each support post.

Patio Screen Ideas

Patio Screen Ideas

Transport the measurements to 2 by 4 boards and cut with an electric saw. Make two plates for each section between the posts one for the top and one for the bottom. These are the top and bottom plates of the patio screen structure. Paint the plates or spots depending on your preference and let them dry for several hours. Lift a board on the roof between the support posts. Drill 3-inch screws through the board and into the ceiling. Repeat for each section between the support posts.

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Patio screen, drop a plumb line from the top plate to the floor to show you exactly where the bottom plate should be. Place the lower plates where the plumb line indicates. Drill 3-inch masonry screws through the joints and into the yard to secure them. Obtain the measurement of the height between the upper and lower plates. Cut 2 by 4 tables to adapt to this height. It will be space of the boards or frame posts, no more than every 4 feet between the supports.

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