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Samples of Garage Conversion

Garage conversion – A garage is a closed place to park a car, but it’s not its only use. Some garages are renovated to additional rooms, playgrounds or workrooms or offices. Whether your garage is too small for your family car or your home needs extra space, there are different conversions you have available to do in your own garage conversion work. As with all conversion projects, it is important to check with city building standards and zone sharing laws to convert a garage into a living space. There may be special requirements your conversion must meet, such as ceilings, sprinklers or ventilation locations.

Custom Garage Conversion

Custom Garage Conversion

Work Space or Office

12 Inspiration Gallery from Samples of Garage Conversion

Image of: Wide Garage Conversion
Image of: Simple Garage Conversion
Image of: Rustic Garage Conversion
Image of: Review Garage Conversion
Image of: Outdoor Garage Conversion
Image of: Nice Garage Conversion
Image of: Modern Garage Conversion
Image of: Interior Garage Conversion
Image of: Interest Garage Conversion
Image of: Innovative Garage Conversion
Image of: Exterior Garage Conversion
Image of: Custom Garage Conversion

If the home is in need of extra bedrooms, the garage is an option for a home office or work space. A worksite conversion requires public utilities, such as electricity, already in place to operate computers, lights, and other electronics required for space. Install carpets, tiles or wooden floors over the concrete surface of the garage conversion. If the walls are not already covered by plaster and insulation, finish them. This will prevent dust from entering the electronics, and will make the room hotter in the winter.

Play Area

Children’s toys tend to take over the bedroom and living room, especially when a playground is not chosen. A garage conversion to a playroom offers a solution to this problem by providing a separate area for toys and playing time. Install carpets or soft floors for children to play. Hang shelves and bookshelves for toys and books. Imagine a movie corner in the playroom with corner TV furniture and seating bags.

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