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November 28, 2019 Decor

The Different Types of Modern Fireplace Mantels

Modern fireplace mantels – Fireplaces, heat suppliers other than, good to see. They live with their status as the center of your room, if not all of your home. How do you access your fireplace, but it greatly affects your overall interior design. This is why vigilance is needed when you decide to tidy up your fireplace as an example, adding a coat of coat. When deciding on a coat rack, there are many elements that need to be considered, starting with the material. Here are four common ingredients used and how each is fair, both functions and smart decoration. Among the fireplace shelves, the type of wood is the most common. They work well in homes that look traditional and blend well with almost all interior designs. Wood lining offers many choices when decorating. Oak, a superior type of wood, for example classy and versatile.

Best Modern Fireplace Mantels

Best Modern Fireplace Mantels

Often wood coating makes sense. Cost is one of the main attractions. Even expensive solid wood shelves like those made of oak are not as heavy as those made of stone. Wooden coats are available in a variety of woods including maple, cherry, Douglas, hemlock, alder, pine, just to name a few. They come in a variety of different touches like black cherries, problematic, and prime. There are also unfinished wooden modern fireplace mantels that have not yet been completed for those who have not yet determined the best color for their coat to fit their home at home. However, the main drawback for wood coatings is that it is highly flammable. If you think of a wooden coat rack, be sure to consult with your local building officer and the fire department’s security department for special safety rules regarding the desired size allowed from wood to your fireplace.

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Stone coat racks made of limestone, marble or granite are great for aesthetic functions. Home builders modern fireplace mantels prefer stones because they provide many choices because they come in a variety of colors and textures. They are both beautiful and functional. In addition, they can also be treated in a number of different ways that provide more diverse choices that will definitely match a sense that makes sense. It is also fire resistant and durable, making it the best material for coat racks. The treatment is also quite low. Usually only need a soft cloth to clean it. In contrast, stone coat racks are usually more expensive than other options. This is also difficult to install which makes installation costs higher than usual. For those who love stones but cannot afford, there are cheap alternatives that will provide the same stone facade. There are kits that you can buy at many home repair shops or even through online stores. They look like natural stone coats but are easier and cheaper to install.

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