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December 5, 2019 Curtain Ideas

To Design around Burgundy Curtains

Burgundy curtains – First, choose flooring that balances out the color scheme. Second, select paint colors for the walls according to the style you want to create. Adding warmth to larger rooms by mixing burgundy curtains in colors; Choose neutral colors in the same intensity as the curtains, as dark brown or dark green. To brighten up the room, choose a contrasting color, such as light gray.

Beauty Burgundy Curtains

Beauty Burgundy Curtains

To create symmetry between dark and light objects, pair furniture with dark walls. On the other hand accent colored neutral walls and burgundy curtains furniture made of rich dark woods. Invest in accessories that blend with the color scheme. Accent colors that work well with Burgundy is tan, green, gray, gold and black. For example, using black image fames on the wall, few gold lamps with black lampshades, or show brown and green accent pillows. Choose only two or three main colors to be used in the decor to avoid overwhelming visitors.

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Image of: Sweet Burgundy Curtains
Image of: Top Burgundy aCurtains Product
Image of: Top Burgundy aCurtains

Repeat the color burgundy entire room. Space least three Burgundy-colored decorative pieces on opposite sides of the room from burgundy curtains create color balance. Install adequate lighting. Dark, rich colors absorb light, so to counterbalance this effect, bright room. For accent lighting, place a number of lamps that complement the decor around the room. Besides installing track lights or spotlights where needed.

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