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October 20, 2019 Curtain Ideas

Using Curtain Room Dividers

Curtain room dividers¬†– are an economical option to create divides, private spaces within a larger area. Lofts and studio apartments curtain dividers can use environment to create faux walls to separate a sleeping area or kitchen from the rest of the living room. Add a modern touch to a larger home by using a curtain configuration to hide a children’s playground in the living room or to camouflage a home office. When you hang the curtains with a cable that has the ability to close their space with custom lengths and widths.

Door Curtain Room Dividers

Door Curtain Room Dividers

Measure the space between the two walls where you want to hang the curtain room dividers. Use a tape measure to get an accurate measurement. Enter the width measurement on a piece of paper. Measure the height to which you want to hang curtains to divide the room. The privacy will be achieved when going to hang your curtain an inch from the ceiling and the floor. Make a small pencil mark on equal heights on each wall.

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Write this measurement and use this length as the length guide material or curtain room dividers. Drill a small hole in the wall to match the size of the eyebolts. Holes in an upright or using wall studs. Turn a screw eye into the hole and tighten. Repeat on the opposite wall. Measure cable length is 12 centimeters longer than its width measurement. Cut the wire with wire cutters. Thread one end of the wire through the screw eye, pushing 6 inches through the hole. Fold the cable is wrapped around the screw eye using pliers to tighten. Wrapped with additional wire to firmly secure if necessary.

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